Your showcase on the internet with TYPO3

For the most refined and demanding site to the smallest and simplest ones, we suggest the open source content management system TYPO3 that allows you to publish and administrate contents in an easy way after a short training. TYPO3 is a user-friendly, intuitive tool, making it possible to produce and maintain your own web pages personally. The TYPO3 agency “Profi” in South Tyrol - Italy is our expert partner providing you with the most advanced solutions for your web site.

The advantages of TYPO3 in comparison to other cms are:

  • search engine friendly
  • intuitive and simple to use for authors
  • well-arranged controls for administrators
  • assortment of available templates
  • optimal security also for financial institutions
  • conformity and stability
  • optimised performance and quick loading times
  • efficient management
  • huge flexibility
  • perfect adaptation to ones needs
  • unlimited scalability
  • special image processing
  • help and support
  • constant development
  • professional ambience

offers your web agency and you as well a better search engine optimisation thanks to generation of search-engine-friendly URLs and to the possibility to edit and manage your most relevant keywords and texts at your ease.